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Restock of my cube spaces at in.cube8r in Fitzroy and Prahran

I was whacked with the flu. It laid me out. I didn't pick up a hook for a week! That in itself is a sign that I was not well. 

As I was feeling better I checked my stock and saw that many of the critters had been adopted and I had to make more, lots more! And so began my mission to make up a fresh batch of beasties to ship down to my cube spaces at in.cube8r gallery in Fitzroy and Prahran in Melbourne. 

Lucky I love making them all. I smashed them out quite possibly the fastest I have ever done so before. I think a big part of this was down to my updated patterns for the zombinos and voodoo babies. They come together quickly. I also think that working as a production line helps too. 

Here's a gallery of all what I shipped out. Best pop instore soon as no sooner had the been unpacked that one of the zombie beer cosies was sold! Cheers to you whoever you were!

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Jumpers and Jazz in July 2019 – Ebi Fry

There's a chill in the air. It's July, which that means it's time for the Jumpers and Jazz in July festival! Last year as I was stitching on my tree jumper had an idea of what to make for this year's jumper: sushi. I have come to realise that this was somewhat cheeky and obvious. If you consider that my jumper last year was a giant pink squid! I did, in fact, make some calamari to include in my installation but I held on to it as it didn't quite work. On installation day, I packed up my truck with all my pieces and tools and headed to the hills. I got on the road much later than I had planned. It wasn't too bad though, as the sun was shining bright and it was quite warm. It would have been good to have an offsider as I did struggle a bit with attaching the underlying foam... and then there was the fit issue. Oh, my goodness! I had some work to do to make the jumper fit. I'm not sure if my calculations were out, or if my tree has out on some weight! I very nearly had a tantrum, ripped it all of, packed it up and drove away. But that's not what I do. I persevered and came up with a plan and made some massive changes. My very friend Nick wandered up for a chat at just the right time. He was put to work holding things in place while I stitched bits together. It's all part of making something custom-fit an object that lives 2 hours drive away. It is the first time I can remember having to make such an adjustment in my history of making tree jumpers for Jumper and Jazz!

As I completed the sewing up, and I stepped back to see how it looked, I was close to tears. It looked nothing like it was supposed to in my head. I didn't want to take any photos as I was embarrassed by what I had put up. I was very disappointed with myself. AS I walked my gear back to the truck, I comforted myself with thoughts of "you can't make it great every year" and "you had to have a fail one time." This was the time. Friends assured me that it looked great; that I was overreacting and that I was too critical of myself. I hear their words, but I didn't agree. It wasn't a ploy to garner appreciation. I was 100% ashamed and hoped no one would look at it.

Touring the jumpers the next day and viewing the beautiful pieces just added to my woes and feelings of failure. It is true that an artist is their own toughest critic. Fast forward to Saturday >>> I had completely forgotten about judging. I received an SMS from my friend Helen. I could scarcely believe what I had read. Our friend Sarah had won the Open Artistic Section. Helen had been named Hall of Fame inductee, Narelle Mercer had taken out the Connect Theme Section, and that I had won the Excellence in Knitting and/or Crochet Section!!! I still cannot fathom this result. Thank you to this year's judges - whoever you are. Thank you for not seeing the flaws I see.

While I am dishing out thank yous, a huge thank you to those of you who have sent me photos of your interactions with Ebi Fry. I cannot express how much I love to see them. It truly makes me happy :^)

This year I have another installation in AOK Clothing on Palmerin Street. I have included 2018 and 2017 jumpers 'Squink' and 'Sherbert', as well as my unselected WOW entry from 2017 'BoBo'. If you're touring the jumpers, please make sure you stop by and have a look.

Cheers to perseverance!

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Throw Me a Bone

In my day job, we have a canine team member. He loves soft toys. His handler asked if I would make him something he can cuddle with at work. We thought it might be amusing if it was a bone. It came out ok and it turned out that he loved it! I made a few more to the point that I was obsessed with making bones. My team members all have pets. I decided to make them each one for the furbaby as a Christmas gift. Two of the team are parents to cats, so a doggo bone wasn't going to be suitable. A random thought popped into my head early one Saturday morning. "Fishbones!" I had a clear image of what I wanted to make. It took me a couple of hours to work out a pattern, but I was stoked with how it turned out. I will be stocking my cube at in.cub8r in Fitzroy with these - and will look to add to my online shop. Here are some of the satisfied customers enjoying their bones. Big thank you to these cuties for allowing me to display their images here.