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My in.cube8ion

Hello Melbourne!!

I first opened a cube space at in.cube8r in The Valley, Brisbane in May last year. Interest in my pieces and sales built slowly. Buoyed by strong sales in December I made plans to look into opening a 2nd cube space outlet in the Fitzroy in.cube8r Gallery for early 2014. The closure of the Valley gallery in February forced my hand and tah-dah!!! I now have my little critters occupying the front window of the in.cub8r gallery in Smith Street, am sooooo very happy with how the gang are settling in to their new home. Many didn’t have too much time to settle though, as they were quickly out the door and into a new forever home. This past week has seen me mass producing replacements. My wrists are a bit throbby, but it was well worth the pain. I didn’t think I could get 4 Voodoo Babies finished in a day. Let alone 4 Hipstas the next! I think most of my days ran at 14+ hours.

On Thursday I packaged up a big box and sent the critters via express post. It looks like they have landed and are live in the cube space NOW


Oh, and there’s a happy couple among the new pieces… Frankie and his blushing Bride

Along with the usual suspects Frankie, his Bride and the Voodoo Babies are a new member to the crew. So new in fact that I thought of it long before they were even a thing. They are HIPSTA ZOMBINOS!Hipsta***Caution: they want to eat your kaaaale***

The idea for these hipster dudes came from two main streams of inspiration. The first from my love of craft beer. There is a pretty strong beard culture going on in the bars that have the best beers in them. And the second is from my recent trip down to Melbourne to check out the gallery, drop off extra stock and see how my gang are going. My accommodation was in Carlton. A bit of a walk towards Fitzroy saw me marching in to hipster heaven. My cousin lives in East Brunswick. Hanging out with him in Hipsterland surely gave me the determination to develop a Hipsta Zombino worthy of all the joy I have in admiring their organic kale, chia and quinoa, craft beer and fixie bike riding lifestyle.

Please go forth and adopt a Hipsta or the Frankie couple today!!

Or you can grab a Voodoo Baby and wreak your post Valentine’s Day revenge upon those who done you wrong bwa-ha-ha-ha-haaaVoodoo-Baby

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