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More Monsters from the Garden Bed!

With all the rain and wind over the weekend in Brisbane I have had some quality time to work on pieces for my upcoming exhibition in Toowoomba.

Please let me introduce 3 new Monsters:

My meerkat Marvin found himself a new little buddy



Hanging out in the chocolate mint is

Flower Eyes

Flower Eyes

And quite possibly my new favourite


SproutThere’ll be many more Monsters making the trip to Toowoomba in search of new homes. You can stop by and meet them Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th March at the Toowoomba Grammar School Art Show

3 thoughts on “More Monsters from the Garden Bed!

  1. I have marked it in my diary. Which day will you be there?

    1. Hello Carol, I’ll be at the Opening night on Friday 22nd March. As we’ll be in town We could definitely organise to meet there on Saturday maybe?

      1. Lets say Saturday as I will be bringing Locky along and maybe Sis!!!!!! Not sure about Terry at this stage.
        Locky just can’t stop talking about the show, he is just so excited that we even made a few of our own business cards from your original and I laminated them so he could give to his friends (I hope I wont be in trouble for doing this).

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